Snackables for Spiritual Growth

Snackables for Spiritual Growth cover with man sitting and admiring an orange sunset sky

by Kennith C. Gray

Snackables for Spiritual Growth is an easy-to-read book of encouragement and timeless insights to help Christians understand how relevant the Bible is to their daily lives.

The book is a compilation of messages and anecdotes delivered in a bible study and prayer format that covers key Christian topics and principles such as grace, belief, fasting, love, joy, obedience, compassion, unity, honour, rest, and many more.

I always say, “the Bible has all the answers to today’s issues, if only we would follow it.” However, I found that in my walk with the Lord, it’s hard to follow sometimes, and digging through 66 books of an ancient text wasn’t always practical. Snackables for Spiritual Growth makes it easy to find a topic and scripture verse and a prayer to get through the valley, pit-fall, or challenge.

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